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Visions of the Demon

Sample Chapter

Sample Chapter
Cover Art

     This is the third book set in the Demon War world.  Finally I am incoporating other parts of my original ideas into this story line.  With the success of my publication of Bow & Blade, I have decided to delve further into what makes this world "tick".
     Years ago, I started a gaming world with a character known as Lienad Shockvawl.  This world started with my high school book War of Chaos (which I am trying to get around to re-writing.)  Though I didn't know it at the time, Lienad would be the foundation... and precurser to the whole of Clan Blackwalker. 
     Fast forward about one to two years when I made my first failed stint at a college education.  Bravhart Blackwalker was born in an online roleplaying channel on mIRC called #Blackdragon_Inn.  From him, the first real Blackwalker was born.  Slowly but surely using role playing roots, I formed the core ideals of my gaming world.  Several short stories came from that which are posted some where on an old website I had created. 
     How does that have anything to do with B&B and the Demon War series you might ask?  (Actually, most of you are probably not even wanting to ask that, you just want me to get to the point.)
     Quite simple really.  Bow & Blade is the evolution and culmination of all of my past story and game ideas.  With this, I now have background I can use to hopefully provide you, my readers, with a rich and developed history.
     So, for the first time... I introduce you to the world of Geron, the setting of the Demon War series.
     Visions of the Demon shall dive into various short stories of other parts of this world, and finally give some history, and backstory on other elements of this world.  This shall really be the first of several planned compilations, each giving insights to other parts.
     Sit back, welcome to my insanity and passion, and I hope you enjoy the ride.
     The portals to Hell open, and all that is evil escapes into the night.  Nightmares stalk the streets, and chaos roams the alleys.  The screams of the innocent echo forth into the pitch black sky yet are unheard, or unheeded.
     The smoke from the torches of a million creatures flows over the land, choking the very life from all that it may.  Cower while you can, oh hopeless fool, for the reckoning of evil is upon us. 
     Night has fallen, and all that oppose the darkness and the Void shall soon be the prey of the strong. 
     Taken from the necromaner N'rdook the Black's Tome of Woe.

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