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The World of Geron


World Map
The Kingdoms

History of Geron

I. The Begining

     A.  The World was new

              1.  The Gods spin Geron from the Ether and the Void.

              2.  The Angels form.

              3.  Drakes rise from the crucible tht is life.

              4.  The Faeries spin forth.

              5.  Elven and Dwarven nations founded.

              6.  Goblin and Orc tribes seperate, spread over the World.

              7.  Humans find their way through portals to the World of Geron.

                   a.  The Blackwalker, Conner Colhon leads arrives on Geron.

                        1. Clan Blackwalker founded.

                        2.  Coun Blackwalker born to Conner and his wife as the first of Clan Blackwalker.

                   b.  The Human Kingdoms of Leolund, the Highlands, The Heartlands, The Westlands, The Lowlands, The Northlands, Whyver, and The Southlands form.

                   c.  The Wars of Unification begin.

                        1.  Coun Blackwalker rises to become King of the Highlands.

                        2.  The Southlands and Whyver split to form kingdoms and rise in power.

                             a.  The people of the Southlands migrate to a continent east of the current island.

                             b.  The people of Whyver migrate to a small island to the south east.

                        3.  The Kingdom of Leolund expands to the continent west of the current island, forming the Leolundish Empire.

                             a. Emporer Tobias orders the sacking of The Westlands, taking it for a protectorate.

                        4.  King Coun Blackwalker unites the Highlands, Heartlands, Lowlands, Northlands and exiles from the Westlands to form the Kingdom of Suland.

                        5.  Suland enters the war with the Leolundish Empire to free the Westlands.

                             a.  Emporer Tobias assasinates nearly all of Clan Blackwalker.

                             b.  Coun Blackwalker begins his personal war of revenge, lasting 50 years.

                             c.  Coun Blackwalker slays Emporer Tobias, recieving a mortal wound himself. 

                             d.  The Gods raise Coun Blackwalker up as Caltain Nadar, God of Retribution and Rebirth.

                        6.  The Leolundish Empire is expelled from what is now the Isle of Suland.

                             a.  The Five kingdoms break from Suland to be ruled separately, only to unite

                                   again when a Blackwalker rises to be High King of Suland.

     B.  The Rebirth

               1.  Dennil "Bravhart" Blackwalker is born, only to be orphaned, and  raised by a Storm Drake.

               2.  More to Come.

II. Rise of the Asmorial

Arch Demon Asmorial rises

III. Gods/Asmorial War

The fight between the Gods and Asmorial

IV. The Banishing

The Gods are banished as they imprison Asmorial

V. The Ruling of Angels and Demons

Both factions come to power.

VI. The Destruction of the Highlands

The Demons rise up and scatter the Highlanders.

VII. The Demon War

Current Time

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