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Bow & Blade


Sample Chapter
Cover Art

The book starts out with an introduction to the two main characters; Danel Blackwalker who is a human Highlander bounty hunter, and Stasciana Darkblade who is a Cambion assasin.
Each have been sent after a traitor to both Humans and Demons, a man called Carin Vorn.  Vorn seeks to overthrow the Demons, Angels and Humans and create a new world order under his own image. 
Stasciana attacks the camp of Danel after he has Vorn in custody, only for Vorn to escape them both. 
The story progresses with Danel and Stasciana joining forces to seek out Vorn.  In time they are joined by Danel's former companions: Captain Dantear Golden and the elven le Fae sisters.
Finding Vorn massing an army, the party continues on only to be joined by the Monk Brother Ember, who's monastary was destroyed by Vorn.
While Stasciana works with Danel, the Demon that is her master sends his finests assasins after her with two goals.  The first, to see if she is truly on her mission.  The second, to eliminate her if she has betrayed them.
For more, check out the book in March when it comes out!

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